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Do you know what's the easiest way to develop beautiful skin, nails, and hair while you are having a restful night? Hiroto Pharma Collagen Peptides Sleep Capsules are formulated with the best and most high-quality ingredients that promote glowing skin, stronger nails, and healthy hair growth. Don't forget about the all-good benefits that Collagen Peptides bring to your joints and bones.

That's not all, everything happens while you are in the comfort of your very own bedroom having the BEST night without you even noticing! This is the easiest way to get good results without all the fuss: just take your capsules with a glass of water or the beverage of your preference 20 min before your bedtime and you are done! Maybe you want to move your bedtime schedule and go to bed earlier, just take the capsules 20 min before your ideal bedtime and the melatonin is going to start working right away so you can have the right amount of sleep every day. You are going to see  results not just in your skin but in your everyday performance. So, don't wait and start today giving your body the restful and healthy night it deserves!. 

Hiroto Pharma Collagen Peptides Sleep Capsules

$19.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
  • - Collagen Peptides type I and II that promotes a glowing skin, thicker gorgeous hair, stronger nails and healthy bones and joints! a true fountain of youth!

    - Hyaluronic Acid that retains water to keep your skin well lubricated and moist. And remember: well lubricated skin=less wrinkles!

    - Melatonin promotes a great rest. Sleeping is one of the best natural skin-cares ever, so this makes melatonin an awesome addition to your daily collagen capsules.

    - Chamomile is a natural widely know ingredient that promotes relaxation and a great sleep! - Vitamin C is essential for improving collagen production, they work together to give you a glowing healthy skin.


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